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Video Recovery from Android Phone

In this digital world, almost everything is possible with the Android OS. Android has changed the dimension of using Smartphone, you can have many Android applications that make life easier and also time-saving. Android cell phones and Tablets are manufactured by different brands like Sony, Samsung, HTC and others. They are more advanced than the Java counterpart as they can operate much similar to that of a computer. Hence you wish to store all your favorite videos files on this Android device. But like other devices, you can find many reasons for loss of videos from Android devices. Among those numerous scenarios, deletion of the video file is the most common one. Deleting a video means erasing it from specified storage space. Unlike Windows and Mac OS, all those deleted videos will not be moved to Recycle Bin or Mac Trash folder. When you remove some treasured videos of some special events from Android Smartphone, you feel awful. Have you ever dreamt of getting back your deleted videos from your Android? Wished to undelete videos from Android phone? Do not worry, with the help of this undelete Android software you can easily carry out video recovery on the Android phone within few minutes.

Some of the common causes for loss or deletion of videos from Android

  • If the SD card is infected with deadly viruses or files system structure of SD card is corrupted, it makes video files inaccessible stored on the Android Smartphone.
  • Deletion of videos accidentally while removing unwanted files from Android phones.
  • Selecting Restore option by mistake on the Android device erases the file including videos stored on it by restoring the phone to its initial factory settings.
  • If you format the Android Smartphone by mistake or after getting the format error, it deletes the videos stored on it.
  • Loss of videos from Android device due to the corruption of file system.
  • When you are browsing specific files in the particular folder if you execute Delete All command from Android phone then it leads to the deletion of all files including videos.
  • Unexpected freezing of Android device because of low battery or due to some logical errors while accessing files from it might remove video files.

More about Undelete Android Application

Undelete Android is regarded as the best software to get back deleted files from an Android phone like HTC EVO 4G, Verizon Samsung Galaxy Nexus, Sony Tablet P, Asus Transformer Prime, Nook Color, HTC EVO 3D, HTC Droid Incredible and many more. It executes the file recovery operation safely and securely on the Android device. This application is free from harmful viruses and hence you can carry out the recovery operation with safe. Undelete Android program is chosen by many industry experts because of its ability to recover photos of type JPG, GIFF, JPEG, TIFF, etc within few mouse clicks. Easy user-friendly interface of this toolkit is enough that help the users to understand the process of how to undelete Android files quickly. Find more information on how to undelete Android files by following this page-

Excellent Tool to Recover Photos from Android

Nowadays Android has become the popular mobile platform. Android device has much number of applications, advanced features, etc. Usually these Android OS is used on Tablets and Smartphone. With this Android you can enjoy number of games, movies, songs and also store photos that help to remember your precious moments. Do you often take photos with Android Smartphone to keep happy moments? It will be tremendous to view all those old photos. As more and more people start using Android phones, it’s quite common that you accidentally deleted photo from android phone and wants deleted data back. What will you do if you lost photos from Android device? Very anxious, isn’t it? No need to get worried about this, you can easily recover photos from Android with the help of this professional Android photo recovery software. You can prefer this website- to get more details on recovery of photos from Android device. Let us go through what are the factors which are responsible for loss of photos from Android

  • Android memory card error, if the Android memory card is corrupted then all the data which includes photos stored in it’ll be wiped off or may become inaccessible
  • Formatting Android phone memory
  • Accidentally clicked on delete key and wiped out needed pictures from Android phone
  • Photos loss during transferring it from Android device to the computer
  • Operating system corruption, photos stored on the Android device will be lost on account of the corruption of Android operating system
  • Android phone resetting, pressing reset button in the Android phone will reset the phone settings and therefore wipes off each of the photos stored onto it

In addition to the above mentioned scenarios there will be plenty of other reasons that causes loss of photos from Android. Have you come across this photo loss situation from the Android? Want to recover photos from Android OS? Then don’t be worried, you can easily recover photos from Android if you follow these 2 things after you find that photos are missing on the Android. Initially stop using your Android device. Your lost photos aren’t permanently on the Android, still they reside somewhere on your device and also waiting to be erased by new data. Then install this excellent Android photo recovery software to recover photos from Android. The faster you take an action the higher quality you get a result in recovering your photos from Android. Attributes of Android photo recovery software

  • Ability to recover photos from Android devices based on different Android OS versions as an example 4.0.x Ice Cream Sandwich, 2.3.x Gingerbread, 4.1.x Jelly Bean, etc
  • Accurately recovers Android application package files (. apk) and also other media files and documents
  • This Android photo recovery software has an ability to undelete photos from Android internal memory easily.
  • Successfully facilitates recovery of photos from all Android phones manufactured by different brands like HTC, Motorola, Sony Ericsson, Samsung, Google and more.

Easiest Way to Undelete Pictures from Android SD Card

Do you want to undelete the pictures that you have deleted from your Android SD card? Then don’t worry, you are the proper place. Have you heard of the word Android recovery application? If not just go through this page fully which gives you all details of Android recovery software.

Android recovery software is actually a recovery application that can get back lost or deleted files from Android internal memory as well as from external memory that is SD card of an Android phone. Using Android recovery utility you can easily bring back all types of lost or deleted files, you can even undelete pictures from Android SD card effortlessly.

What makes pictures to get lost from Android SD card? 

You can lose your important pictures from your Android SD card due to many reasons, however some of the noted reasons are mentioned below:

  • Virus Infection: If a virus enters your Android SD card then it will damage the files stored in it including your important pictures after which you will not be able to access those infected pictures
  • Accidental deletion: While deleting any of the file from your Android SD card you need to be very careful, because if you mistakenly select any of the important pictures then the selected pictures will get deleted and finally you will lose that pictures

Together with these, there are lots of other reasons that will lead you to lose your pictures from your Android SD card. But in any respect you don’t have to worry, because by taking the help of Android recovery utility you can easily undelete your pictures without any hassling. To know more about Android data recovery click here:

What are the features of Android recovery software?

Android recovery software has lot of benefitting features, some of the outstanding features are stated below:

It is one of the best tools that can easily undelete pictures from SD card of your Android phone. It will scan the whole SD card of your Android phone and brings back lost or deleted pictures. For performing recovery of your pictures on Android phone you need to run this application on Windows PC, and then you should connect your Android phone to your computer and undelete your pictures. By taking the help of this recovery application you are able to recover lost or deleted pictures from different types of Android phones including Samsung galaxy, Sony Xperia, HTC etc. In a very short span of time this recovery software brings back your pictures from Android SD card. No tool like this you can find in the market, because this software has been developed by some of the expert developers. After recovery of your pictures you can save those pictures in any of the storage device including CD or DVD. In between the recovery process if you want to stop the session then there is an option called “Save Recovery Session” using which you can save the recovery process and continue the recovery process later, this will avoid re-scanning of your Android SD card.

Download the demo version of the above told software from website, and install it on your computer, with proper choice of recovery steps get back your pictures that you want to. After booming recovery, purchase the licensed version of it.



Best Tool to Undelete Android Files

Android OS is extensively used in smart phones; it supports numerous applications. Samsung, HTC, Sony, Motorola, LG etc. brands are using this Android OS in smart phones. There are a series of Smart phones with Android OS. The smart phones having this Android operating systems have refined characteristics and high resolution digital cameras. You could amass all types of videos, photos, music files, .apk files, text files etc. But sometimes, the vital files from your Android phone may be lost or deleted because of your unintentional human mistakes or by some technical issues. Suppose you erase any vital files then you will be trying to restore it from back up, if the backup is not available then you could be nervous and looking forward to get back those files, now you need not to wait, here is an efficient app to undelete Android files in few easy steps.

Now focus on few scenarios of data loss:

  • Accidental deletion: Many users erase vital files while deleting some redundant files, it could typically happen while selecting the superfluous files you could unintentionally select wrong files or opt Select All or Mark All option and then delete the files in haste. After deletion you realize that you have done a mistake.
  • Incomplete file transfer: Sometimes, while moving essential music files from your Android smart phone to any other device or computer system if any interruption occurs or the cable is removed abruptly then the file transfer process will be broken and you some of the music files will be lost.
  • Some more factors: While restoring the smart phone to original factory settings if you forget to keep up the backup or if you do it inappropriately then the files will be lost, sometimes, installed application malfunction or the virus attack could also make you to lose files from Android phones.

Once the important files are get deleted or lost then you need to exploit this Android recovery app, it is designed by recovery experts to retrieve all deleted or lost pictures, songs, videos, apk files etc. It scans the complete internal memory of Android phone and also the SD card and it can recover deleted music from android from both memories. It supports recovery of songs from all brands of Android smart phones;

Android recovery app can undelete the entire files and folders on all Windows and Mac OS based computers in couple of mouse clicks. The songs, images, videos having any file format can be retrieved in few easy steps. The major aspect of this app is that it scans the internal memory and also the flash memory cards to carry out revival. The recovered files can be viewed before restoration, even you can weigh up the results using the trial edition of this software, once you are pleased with the results then you can buy the complete edition of this app.  For further information check this page