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How to Recover Data from an Accidentally Formatted SD Card on Phone?

“I was browsing through some of my photos on my SD card and ended up formatting the same last night by mistake. Is there a way to get these lost photos from my formatted SD card or are my photos removed permanently from it after the format?”

All your photos can be recovered out from your formatted SD card. All you’ll need is a recovery application that is designed to recover data from a formatted SD card.

Here is one such SD card recovery software employed to explain how you can recover data from accidental format of SD card.

SD card data is highly vulnerable and is constantly under the threat of being corrupted or damaged by external factors. All your data from an SD card needs to be backed up at all times. There can be numerous files of yours present on an SD card and there always needs to be a way to protect your data or at least back it up.

Formatting the SD card is a common way of erasing all the data from it at once. A user might select this option intentionally or unintentionally. When done unintentionally or accidentally, all your data from it will be erased and can never again be retrieved back. Formatting an SD card need not always be performed by the user. You might also get an error message at times saying you to format the SD card before using it. This prevents you from accessing any of your data on your card and you ultimately end up formatting it and losing all the data off it.

However, you need to realize that all your data lost after formatting an SD card can now be recovered back. The data that is lost after formatting an SD card will continue to remain on the card until you write new data onto the card after the format. Once new data overwrites your lost data, it can never again be recovered so you’ll have to make sure that the SD card is not used for any purpose after the card was formatted.

So, until the data resides on your card after the format, you can employ a SD card recovery software and retrieve each and every file off it successfully. Also, for successfully recovering all the files off a formatted SD card, you need to employ a good software that is recommended for performing the same.

More or less you can use the software employed in the above video to recover back all your data without having to fear about losing them.

What makes this software the best application to recover formatted data from SD card?

  • This software comes with an algorithm that is specially designed for recovering data from any SD cards of any size.
  • With this application you can recover photos, music, videos, and all other files lost during format.
  • Its powerful recovery algorithm requires lesser time to recover all the data from your SD card.
  • You can save all the recovered data from your SD card to any folder of your choice on your PC after the software completes the recovery.

How to Recover Data from Corrupted CF Card

“I have a CF card that is corrupted to the point where it’s showing no data on it. I have close to 2GB of files on it and now none of it is showing up on the card. Is there a safe method to get back all my data from my corrupted CF card?”

Yes you can! All your data from a corrupted CF card can be retrieved by making use of a CF card recovery software which can retrieve all the data off it when it’s connected to a computer through a CF card reader or though a device to which it’s mounted on.

Here’s how you recover data from corrupted CF card with the help of a CF card data recovery installed on your system.

The above used recovery software is one of the most widely used software to retrieve files of all types from a CF card. It helps you recover files in a safe and secure manner wherein it handles the data in a professional fashion and doesn’t manipulate any data from your CF card while performing the data recovery.

CF cards can hid any forms of data on it and at the same time CF cards are highly unpredictable. You can lose all your data off your CF card at any point in time causing you to fetch back all your lost data from a backup. Backups are highly recommended if you’re using a CF card to save your data such as photos, videos and so on.

CF cards are also known to get corrupt due to various errors that arise in them. This once again can cause you to lose all data off it or turn the entire data inaccessible. Again, you can restore all your data back if you had a backup whereas without a backup there’s no possible way to get back all your lost data due to CF card corruption.

Getting back data from a corrupted CF card is easy and is a straightforward process if you’re employing certified CF card recovery software just like the one employed in the above tutorial video. Such recovery software’s can retrieve data from your CF card regardless of what caused your CF card to get corrupt.

Whenever your CF card goes corrupt, your data from that card isn’t lost but it rather stays there in its memory. This data doesn’t show up but can entirely be retrieved off from the memory by making use of a CF card recovery software on your CF card. Also, this data stays on the memory until it’s not overwritten by new data so you also need to make sure that you don’t write any new data onto your CF card after losing data on it. Without writing any new data you can be guaranteed of recovering back all your data successfully.

Features of the above used CF Card Recovery Software:

  • Can retrieve files from corrupted, unrecognized as well as formatted CF cards.
  • Supports CF cards of all sizes and types.
  • After your files have been recovered, you can view them and save the same to a safe folder on your computer.
  • None of the data from your CF card can go undetected by this application as it recognizes over 300 file types.