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How to Recover Lost Videos from Pen Drive

“I had over 2GB of videos on my pen drive which are not showing up on it. They are the videos I filmed with my camera and were saved on my pen drive which I usually use for saving my videos. is there something that I can do to recover lost videos from my pen drive?”

Of course you can! You can now recover deleted as well as lost videos from your pen drive without losing any part or quality of your video file while recovering them. All you need is a video file recovery software that will scan your pen drive for the lost video. it then accesses it and recovers it for you.

Here’s a video showing you how to recover lost videos from pen drive by making use of a lost video recovery software for the same.

The above software happens to be one of the most widely used video file recovery software and is known for its successful video recovery history among millions of users across the world. It stands out for its unique video recovery algorithm, which makes it the only video recovery software that assures you a successful and safe recovery of your lost video.

Videos are usually of large size and go up to GB’s and are highly complicated at the same time. They are continuously affected by various factors during their stay on your pen drive and may go missing all of sudden. It’s always a good move to create a backup for your videos that are saved on your pen drive since the data saved on pen drive is not guaranteed to sustain longer. Data loss can strike your pen drive at any time causing a complete wipe out of all data that was present on it.

So the data that you’re about to save on your pen drive should also be the data that you need to be ready to lose. So to stay protected from data loss, get all your videos backed up right away.

Causes for Videos to go missing from Pen Drives:

  • Viruses in the pen drive can access and damage your videos which may never show up again on your drive.
  • Videos can also be lost while interrupting a file transfer which involves videos being moved from one location/drive to another.
  • Deletion of videos accidentally by the user.

What makes this lost video recovery software the best?

  • It comes with a feature that is designed to recover videos of all sizes and types such as MP4, MOV, FLV, 3GP, AVI, XVID and so on.
  • The recovered videos are of the original size and are not compromised in any manner while it’s being recovered from your pen drive.
  • The lost videos recovered from your pen drive can be previewed by you before saving it on your system.
  • Supports to recover lost as well as deleted videos from pen drives of all brands and storage sizes.

Recuperate USB Flash Drive Data

Lost essential data from USB Flash drive? Want to learn how to get back lost data from USB drive? Complete reading this tutorial you get a perfect answer for all the queries by which you can easily recover data from USB drive.

USB Flash drives are rather small and will be commonly used to keep all the actual copy of personal information or documents handy. This USB drive permits you to carry important data at all times and can be easily carried. USB Flash drives are convenient if you are to store lots of the important data. Because it is portable device, it’s plugged and unplugged on many gadgets and loss of data happens on account of many reasons.

When you discover some situation about deletion of files on your USB drive then how can you recover files by Flash drive? It might happen due to accidental deletion or a few other unknown reasons. Don’t worry, this professional recovery software helps you to restore deleted files from USB Flash drive in just a few clicks.

Now let us to explain a few of the causes that ends up with loss of data from USB drive,

  • Deleted the files from the USB Flash travel mistakenly or carelessly when attached to the system and cannot obtain them in Recycle Bin or Mac Trash as it bypasses away
  • Forget to unplug the actual USB drive soon after shutting down the system and files get deleted
  • USB drive hit by harmful viruses and also the files gets deleted or hidden
  • Loss of data when transferring them from USB Display drive to different devices for unknown reasons
  • USB Display drive formatted by accident
  • Sudden power surge or electro static discharge has occurred
  • Inaccessibility of the USB drive data on account of unknown reasons
  • Improper removal of USB drive from the PC
  • File system of the USB drive available as RAW or missing

Symptoms of faulty USB drive

  • Strange noises coming out from the USB drive
  • Drive displayed unknown errors
  • Occurrence of crashes
  • Missing data from USB drive

When any of the situations mentioned above happens then you worry that these important data are lost permanently and there isn’t a way to recuperate data from USB Flash drive. But the fact is that the data from the USB drive might be still recovered and here you will get a free solution to do this by yourself. The first thing is to stop using the USB drive to save some of the new files because by this way you can prevent the old files to be overwritten with new data.

The inclusive yet best recovery program is able to recover data by USB Flash drive from all data loss situations. This recovery software also can recover data by other external removable media consisting of memory stick, memory card and much more. USB Flash drive recovery software also can recover files in cost effective manner. Read more- to get additional information on how to recover USB Flash drive by applying this USB drive recovery software.

Superior Methods Retrieve Sony Flash Drive

Have you erased files from Sony flash drive? If your response is yes, then do not get fret. As you are not single user to experience this sort of issue. There are plenty of scenarios leads to deletion of data from Sony flash drive. However deleting the Sony flash drive files may cause severe loss of data. What will you do when you delete your most well-liked files including college projects and seminar reports? You cannot imagine the amount of loss happened to you.

Assume a scenario, where you are using Sony flash drive. Sometimes, while deleting some unwanted data using select all option from it, you may forget to unmark important data and ends up with deletion of files from it. At that time, you may examine different storage devices to see whether it contains backup files. When you did not get backup your problem becomes critical. But, actually when you delete the files, they stay on same location only the pointer to that file has been erased. It is suggested to avoid using the Sony flash drive instantaneously and use Sony flash drive recovery program to undelete Sony flash drive data on Windows of versions XP, Vista, 2003, 7 and 8 as well as Mac OS of versions Lion, Leopard, Snow Leopard, etc.

Listed below are circumstances leads to deletion of data from Sony flash drive:

  • Antivirus tool scanning: Antivirus tool is used to scan the virus infected files. When you connect virus attacked Sony flash drive to computer, the antivirus tool scans and deletes the virus infected files instead of removing the virus from Sony flash drive.
  • Unintentional deletion: In order to remove unwanted files from Sony flash drive, you need to connect it to computer. While doing this process, in case, if you are in rush and accidentally erase the important files without checking the contents of Sony flash drive.
  • Third party tools: Generally, third party utilities are used to recover deleted data from Sony flash drive. However, it is not guarantee that the third party tool is legal and it may minimize the probabilities of recovering erased files from Sony flash drive.

Dominant features of Sony flash drive recovery utility are:

  • It will perform recovery of deleted files on various brands of flash drives like Transcend, SanDisk, Kingston, HP, etc.
  • This software can recover all file formats including DOC, DOCX, AVI, MOV, PPT, etc.
  • This software is ingrained with some scanning algorithms to perform fast scanning of Sony flash drive to search out and restore deleted data.
  • It is a popular read-only program to bring back files from Sony flash drive without modifying original deleted data.

The demo version of this utility is freely available in the market place, you need to make use of it to know how this tool works to recover files on Sony flash drive. It is suggested you to avoid further storage of fresh files in case of file deletion situations because if you do so, you will lose data forever. One can visit here to understand recovery of flash drive data:

Best Application to Rescue Files from SanDisk Drive

USB drives are small but one of the most useful nowadays. It entitles its users to transport lots of data from one destination to another place. SanDisk USB drive is one of the most popular memory stick around the world. In some circumstances you might lose your files from SanDisk pen drive like other USB drive. It’s the most typical problem faced with the thumb drive users. When you have lost any vital data from SanDisk USB drive and searching for treatment for obtains back your important data then you’re at the right place. Here you’ll get info of file recovery from SanDisk USB drive. After losing data from the device just stop utilizing it, means don’t store data with this drive. Now utilize a skilled application Undelete USB that’s capable enough to rescue your essential data in couple of minutes.

This application is especially made to recover data from USB drive including SanDisk. Actually if you have deleted or lost your files from SanDisk device any logical loss of data scenarios, then file is simply taken off file directory of the memory stick not the entire content gone. So with the aid of this efficient tool lost file is going to be again mentioned within the file directory and entitles you to definitely access that lost file.

There are numerous reasons with the result that it’s possible to lose vital files from SanDisk USB drive. The most typical loss of data scenario is simply because of virus infection of the thumb drive. Because this drive may be used on virtually all type of computer including laptop and desktop, so users frequently utilize on different systems. If you are using it with the system that has severe virus infection then there may have chance that virus can enter within your SanDisk pen drive. Once it gets entered within your device it starts replicating itself through the entire memory block of the storage drive. In this situation data stored with this particular device will also have infected with that nasty virus and is inaccessible. If you wish to recover data from SanDisk flash drive then you can certainly utilize the above discussed tool. While using the utility if you face trouble then you can also watch a tutorial positioned on YouTube and mentioned at the top.

Undelete USB tool is definitely an advanced featured application to rescue lost data from SanDisk USB drive that has lost due any of these described loss of data scenarios. In case you have lost data because of improper ejection of the USB drive can be recovered using this application. It is possible to restore virtually all type of files including videos, images, music files, documents and many more.

Instant Recovery of Data from LaCie Flash Drive

LaCie flash drive is one of famous flash drive brand available in the market. Flash drive is widely used because of its portability feature. Sometimes it has happened the flash drive user loses their data either by common human error or due to general issues. If you are encountering lost data from flash drive and looking forward to get them back then you are right place. Here you will get solution to your entire problem regarding to recovery of lost or deleted files from flash drive. Firstly I want to tell you hidden fact about file loss and possibility of recovery of data from flash drive. When any file is deleted or lost from flash drive then, pointer locating to particular file is erased.  But there exist an image from where it is possible to recover lost data from flash drive. Here is just needed an effective flash drive recovery tool that will give you platform to recover deleted data from flash drive. Here you can make use of Best Flash Drive Recovery tool in order to recover deleted or lost flash drive data.

Let us undergo some causes that may lead to loss of data from flash drive and where you can make use of this tool in order to recover data successfully. Accidental deletion is one of the biggest issues that may lead to loss of data from flash drive. It is happened when the user comes across useless files while browsing flash drive data. When the user encounters this situation then most of the user decides to remove those useless files from flash drive to free some memory. When user tries to do so then there is a possibility of deletion of vital files from flash drive accidentally. When it happens then it may lead to severe data loss.

Virus infection is another data loss issue from flash drive. It is happened when user connects flash drive to virus infected PC. When user does so then there is a chance of virus relocation into system. Once it has transferred into flash drive then there might be possible that you become unable to access flash drive or it may lead to corruption of data within flash drive. The flash drive becomes inaccessible due to corruption of file system. Flash drive also becomes inaccessible when you eject flash drive suddenly when flash drive is accessing for any read write operation. When any of the situations occurs then you may encounter a formatting error message while accessing drive further. Here in such a situation you must have to format flash drive to use it further. Once you do format then all the data within the flash drive is lot from drive.

If you lost data from LaCie flash drive due to any of mentioned issues then you can make use of Best Flash Drive Recovery tool and successfully recover LaCie flash drive with ease. But in order to recover data effectively from flash drive you need to follow some preventive measures such as stop making use of flash drive next after the data loss. It is because when you make use of flash drive after data loss then there is a chance of overwriting of data location from where data is lost.  Once it is overwritten then you become incapable to retrieve lost data back. Before overwriting, you can successfully recover LaCie flash drive data by making the use of above-mentioned tool in an effective and simple way.