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How To Get Office For Free On Windows 10 Including Word and Excel?

It is a common misunderstanding that Windows comes with complete Microsoft Office for every user. On the other hand there are various ways of getting Office, including Word, on Windows 10 for

So if you have got a new Windows 10 system or tab and want to use Microsoft Office but you cannot afford to get it then there are many ways of getting Office for free (restrictions apply) which are mentioned below.

How to get Office for free on Windows 10 including Word and Excel?

You can download the mobile apps like Word, Excel and PowerPoint for free on a wide sort of devices including Android and iOS. These apps for Windows 10 can be easily downloaded for mobile like

  • Word Mobile
  • Excel Mobile
  • PowerPoint Mobilemobile

What you can and can’t do?

  • These apps is free for any Windows 10 device which don’t basically allow you full access to all the functionality. If you are using a laptop or system then you only be capable to read documents and require an Office 365 subscription to edit, create, etc. On the other hand, those of you running Windows 10 on a device with a 10.1in screen or smaller can make use of the apps fully including creating and editing.
  • Being able to view documents is attractive basic so for anyone on a PC, laptop or tablet with a screen larger than 10.1inch then you need to use an alternative to Microsoft Office if you do not want to pay. An Office 365 Subscription will cost you from £5.99 /month.
  • Before we come across at some alternatives, keep in mind that you can use Office Online if you have a Microsoft account. This is essential for Office but you just use it completely in your web browser. You can also try Office 2016 which is free of cost.

Best free Microsoft Office Alternatives:

  • There are different alternatives to Microsoft Office out there that are entirely free. My advice is use Libre Office (formally Open Office) that is a full suite of software which allows you to open and save documents in Microsoft format.
  • You can also try out free alternatives such as Free Office, WPS Office, Google Docs, etc which are now simple a part of Google Drive.

VLC Video Player App Launches on Apple TV

Recently VideoLAN launched VLC for Apple TV which is the world’s most used media player. Since there is no web interface on the device, a direct download connection is not available. First of all, you have to search for VLC in the app store on the TV.VLC-holiday-teaser-e1450798614774

Since Apple announced the future of television, after that VideoLAN started working on VLC for Apple which lets you to access all the files and video streams in the native formats which mean you do not have to convert content in order for it to

VLC Apple TV Playback

VLC for Apple TV can play, pause, and try to find all the file formats you are used with the VLC on all the platforms. You can browse, select and play content by the means of the clicker or the remote.

VLC developer Felix Paul Kühne explained to VentureBeat-“On Apple TV, users can only play content recorded by the means of mobile devices or media purchased from iTunes Store by default, i.e. H264/AAC and HTTP Live Streams (HLS).”vlc-apple-tv

VLC Apple TV Playback Speed

It also supports custom playback speed that the VideoLAN team has points out. As for subtitle support, VLC for Apple TV displays any type of text like SSA, WebVTT, srt, etc.

Content Discovery

VLC on the Apple TV automatically discovers storage space and shares on your local network by the means of the SMB, FTP, UPnP media server, PLEX protocols. You can browse them with the help of clicker or the Remote and then choose the content you want to play.

Remote Playback

VLC shows an address and an IP (Internet Protocol) on your Apple TV. First of all you have to open it using your web browser. Go down to a file to play it on the big screen, drop numerous files to queue them. Until storage hits its restrictions on the Apple TV, the files will stay available locally on device.

For playback of a network stream URL on the TV, just insert it to the field and push return. Once playback concludes, you will locate it in the Network Stream view for upcoming use. For files, you can also send numerous URLs rows in a row and they will be attached to the playback queue. Finally, the web interface can be used for play/pause and seeking.0x0ss-2

What is New in the Release of VLC?

  • Cloud login credentials are now shared across all devices
  • Support for iOS 6.1. VLC requires iOS 7.0
  • Added support for SMB file sharing
  • Added support for system-wide search “CoreSpotlight”, split-screen appearance in iOS 9, Touch ID to unlock app, option to configure playback continuation, configure gestures
  • Stored login information is now shared across all devices.

Does Microsoft Intrude on a User’s Privacy? : A Must-Answerable Question

Windows 10 Automatic Spying

Even though, “Threshold 2”, Microsoft’s big Windows 10 update has to face negative feedbacks than positives, they just recovered this by relieving “free upgrade” rules and giving surprising black Friday offers on last month. However, it seems any of this are going to help this tech giant from the events which are yet to come.

Let me describe this more clearly. It was on this month itself, Microsoft has admitted that they cannot stop Windows 10 automatic spying. Remember, this Threshold 2 had removed the background tracking tool of Windows 10- Diagnostics Tracking Service. This tracking service has poured into a new bottle now in Windows 10, with the name “Connected User Experiences and Telemetry Service”.

Anyhow, you can disable this service in a simple way within four or five steps.

Step 1: Hold down “Windows + R” key to launch Windows Run Utility.

Step 2: Type “services.msc” on the Run utility and enter to launch Windows Services menu.

Step 3: From the services (Local) listings from the right pane, locate “Connected User Experiences and Telemetry” and double click to open it.

Step 4: From the service status section, click “Stop” (You can also right click on service and then disable it)

Step 5: Select “Disabled” from Startup Type dropdown and just confirm this.

Note: Some of you may try to delete the service, instead of disabling it. Never do like that. It may cause problems.

The adverse effects of “Threshold 2” is not ending with this. All the user preferences are silently get removed from Windows 10 due to such an update. Even your third party applications are get affected by this. It has already reported that some programs which were working fine before the update is preventing to open after this update. It may due to the missing of configuration files required for the execution of so called programs.

Well, Microsoft cannot simply keep away from this issues. If they haven’t taken much considerations to these kinds of problems at least in the future, the ultimate problem happen only to the company itself. Off course, Windows 10 has a strong base, but the underlying sly controls of this makes us suspicious. See, users are forcefully insisted to install updates whether they wish for it or not. It will only help for the company to diagnose any bugs that are possible to happen on their software.


Microsoft Universal Mobile Keyboard Design and Function

Microsoft Universal Mobile Keyboard comes with three switches that let the users to connect it up to three devices including all three major platforms such as iOS, Windows and Android. The cost of Microsoft Universal Mobile Keyboard is $79.95.128048-L-LO

Microsoft Universal Mobile Keyboard Compatibility

The keyboard paired easily with all the devices I use including…

  • iPhone 6 Plus
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Android phone
  • Surface Pro 3
  • Toshiba Encore 2 Write
  • iPad Air
  • Nexus 9 Android tablet

Features of Microsoft Universal Mobile Keyboard:

  • Key spacing and tactile feedback first rate
  • Multi-platform support
  • Two viewing angles
  • Detachable stand
  • Reasonable Price
  • Works with Smartphone and tablets that have Bluetooth
  • Its rechargeable battery works up to six months on a single charge

Note: With this wireless Bluetooth, you can pair up to three devices with different operating system at the same

Specifications of Microsoft Universal Mobile Keyboard:

Packaged Quantity 1
Interface Bluetooth
Max Operating Distance 33 ft
Localization English – North America
Depth 4.3 in
Width 9.5 in
Height 0.5 in
Weight 12.87 oz
Color Grey
Input Device
Connectivity Technology wireless
Keys Qty 65
Hot Keys Function mute, next track, play/pause, previous track, search, volume
Features integrated tablet stand, protective cover
Depth 4.3 in
Required Qty 1
Included 1
System Requirements
OS Required


Android 4.0 or later, Apple iOS 6.0 or later, Microsoft Windows RT, Windows 8, Windows 8.1
Manufacturer Warranty
Service & Support 3 years warranty
Environmental Parameters
Min Operating Temperature 32 °F
Max Operating Temperature 104 °F
Humidity Range Operating 5 – 80% (non-condensing)
Software & System Requirements
OS Required


Android 4.0 or later, Apple iOS 6.0 or later, Microsoft Windows RT, Windows 8, Windows 8.1


Microsoft Universal Mobile Keyboard has wireless standard Bluetooth 3.0. It connects with wide range of device and operating system and there is no need for keyboard to physical contact with the tablet or Smartphone to function.


Microsoft Universal Mobile Keyboard is the one of the best device in the market. It is well designed and shared among several devices. Microsoft Universal Mobile Keyboard is appropriate for student, business men, or anyone who needs to enter a lot of text into a mobile computer.