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Recovery of Windows 8 NTFS Drive

Have you ever lost NTFS files from Windows 8??? Are you dealing with an issue in which all your information is out of your NTFS drive??? Seemed to be that data extremely important for you and you wanted to get it back. In such cases don’t worry at all. Stay calm and try using the most trustworthy and effective Undelete formatted drive recovery software in the profession that can be easily recover deleted NTFS files. It easily restores the data from formatted NTFS drives. It consisting of search engine that has capability to recognize 280 file types.

Few scenarios for data loss in NTFS drive are listed below:-

  • If you want to format C: drive but in hurry/accidentally select D: drive which could result in vital data loss from NTFS partitions in Windows 8 OS. If the user foolishly formatted any disk partition rather than formatting another partition then a data related to that particular partition is lost.
  • User errors would be the main cause for a data to get deleted, that is often a person tries to delete any drive/folder/files but unknowingly or by mistake the user leads to deleting an incorrect drive/folder/file. Therefore causing any data reduction.
  • Vital data loss takes place when you delete a partition using third party tools or inbuilt Windows Management utility.
  • At the time of re-installing Windows OS sometimes you must need to format NTFS partitions for further use.
  • If you want to change NTFS file system to any other file system you need to re-format it. In this case you may face huge amount of data loss.
  • Due to Bad Sectors sometime NTFS drives may get corrupt. This causes vital data loss. For more scenarios regarding Undelete NTFS drive recovery software feel free to click on this link

Few key points are listed below from which we can avoid data loss:-

  • Before formatting any NTFS drive confirm it first and then click ‘OK’ button.
  • Use firewalls to protect from virus attacks.

If you’re with one of the above mentioned scenarios then the only option which can be trusted as well as advised from the industrial experts is usually NTFS Hard disk drive Retrieval computer software. When data is erased/lost from your NTFS drive that data is not lost permanently. Only index of particular data is removed from partition table. Try using NTFS drive recuperation on Windows 8 software for better results regarding recovery of NTFS drives. It recovers NTFS data from re-partitioned or crashed drives.