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How to Recover Lost Videos from Pen Drive

“I had over 2GB of videos on my pen drive which are not showing up on it. They are the videos I filmed with my camera and were saved on my pen drive which I usually use for saving my videos. is there something that I can do to recover lost videos from my pen drive?”

Of course you can! You can now recover deleted as well as lost videos from your pen drive without losing any part or quality of your video file while recovering them. All you need is a video file recovery software that will scan your pen drive for the lost video. it then accesses it and recovers it for you.

Here’s a video showing you how to recover lost videos from pen drive by making use of a lost video recovery software for the same.

The above software happens to be one of the most widely used video file recovery software and is known for its successful video recovery history among millions of users across the world. It stands out for its unique video recovery algorithm, which makes it the only video recovery software that assures you a successful and safe recovery of your lost video.

Videos are usually of large size and go up to GB’s and are highly complicated at the same time. They are continuously affected by various factors during their stay on your pen drive and may go missing all of sudden. It’s always a good move to create a backup for your videos that are saved on your pen drive since the data saved on pen drive is not guaranteed to sustain longer. Data loss can strike your pen drive at any time causing a complete wipe out of all data that was present on it.

So the data that you’re about to save on your pen drive should also be the data that you need to be ready to lose. So to stay protected from data loss, get all your videos backed up right away.

Causes for Videos to go missing from Pen Drives:

  • Viruses in the pen drive can access and damage your videos which may never show up again on your drive.
  • Videos can also be lost while interrupting a file transfer which involves videos being moved from one location/drive to another.
  • Deletion of videos accidentally by the user.

What makes this lost video recovery software the best?

  • It comes with a feature that is designed to recover videos of all sizes and types such as MP4, MOV, FLV, 3GP, AVI, XVID and so on.
  • The recovered videos are of the original size and are not compromised in any manner while it’s being recovered from your pen drive.
  • The lost videos recovered from your pen drive can be previewed by you before saving it on your system.
  • Supports to recover lost as well as deleted videos from pen drives of all brands and storage sizes.