Does Microsoft Intrude on a User’s Privacy? : A Must-Answerable Question

Windows 10 Automatic Spying

Even though, “Threshold 2”, Microsoft’s big Windows 10 update has to face negative feedbacks than positives, they just recovered this by relieving “free upgrade” rules and giving surprising black Friday offers on last month. However, it seems any of this are going to help this tech giant from the events which are yet to come.

Let me describe this more clearly. It was on this month itself, Microsoft has admitted that they cannot stop Windows 10 automatic spying. Remember, this Threshold 2 had removed the background tracking tool of Windows 10- Diagnostics Tracking Service. This tracking service has poured into a new bottle now in Windows 10, with the name “Connected User Experiences and Telemetry Service”.

Anyhow, you can disable this service in a simple way within four or five steps.

Step 1: Hold down “Windows + R” key to launch Windows Run Utility.

Step 2: Type “services.msc” on the Run utility and enter to launch Windows Services menu.

Step 3: From the services (Local) listings from the right pane, locate “Connected User Experiences and Telemetry” and double click to open it.

Step 4: From the service status section, click “Stop” (You can also right click on service and then disable it)

Step 5: Select “Disabled” from Startup Type dropdown and just confirm this.

Note: Some of you may try to delete the service, instead of disabling it. Never do like that. It may cause problems.

The adverse effects of “Threshold 2” is not ending with this. All the user preferences are silently get removed from Windows 10 due to such an update. Even your third party applications are get affected by this. It has already reported that some programs which were working fine before the update is preventing to open after this update. It may due to the missing of configuration files required for the execution of so called programs.

Well, Microsoft cannot simply keep away from this issues. If they haven’t taken much considerations to these kinds of problems at least in the future, the ultimate problem happen only to the company itself. Off course, Windows 10 has a strong base, but the underlying sly controls of this makes us suspicious. See, users are forcefully insisted to install updates whether they wish for it or not. It will only help for the company to diagnose any bugs that are possible to happen on their software.