How To Get Office For Free On Windows 10 Including Word and Excel?

It is a common misunderstanding that Windows comes with complete Microsoft Office for every user. On the other hand there are various ways of getting Office, including Word, on Windows 10 for

So if you have got a new Windows 10 system or tab and want to use Microsoft Office but you cannot afford to get it then there are many ways of getting Office for free (restrictions apply) which are mentioned below.

How to get Office for free on Windows 10 including Word and Excel?

You can download the mobile apps like Word, Excel and PowerPoint for free on a wide sort of devices including Android and iOS. These apps for Windows 10 can be easily downloaded for mobile like

  • Word Mobile
  • Excel Mobile
  • PowerPoint Mobilemobile

What you can and can’t do?

  • These apps is free for any Windows 10 device which don’t basically allow you full access to all the functionality. If you are using a laptop or system then you only be capable to read documents and require an Office 365 subscription to edit, create, etc. On the other hand, those of you running Windows 10 on a device with a 10.1in screen or smaller can make use of the apps fully including creating and editing.
  • Being able to view documents is attractive basic so for anyone on a PC, laptop or tablet with a screen larger than 10.1inch then you need to use an alternative to Microsoft Office if you do not want to pay. An Office 365 Subscription will cost you from £5.99 /month.
  • Before we come across at some alternatives, keep in mind that you can use Office Online if you have a Microsoft account. This is essential for Office but you just use it completely in your web browser. You can also try Office 2016 which is free of cost.

Best free Microsoft Office Alternatives:

  • There are different alternatives to Microsoft Office out there that are entirely free. My advice is use Libre Office (formally Open Office) that is a full suite of software which allows you to open and save documents in Microsoft format.
  • You can also try out free alternatives such as Free Office, WPS Office, Google Docs, etc which are now simple a part of Google Drive.