How to recover Data from Deleted Volume

Did you delete data from hard drive volume accidentally? Want to recover data from hard drive volume? Afraid that data has gone forever and you will never get those files back? Don’t worry this article will help you to undelete volume from hard drive effectively.

Sometimes user need to manage the volume size of hard drive by reducing the size or by expanding the volume space, reformatting the drive, merging of hard drive volume, etc. To attain this user usually reinstall their operating system. During this process of partitioning the hard drive, if any interruption occurs then it results in deletion in volume from hard drive. In the same way, due to abrupt power failure or sudden system shut down, data stored in the hard drive volume becomes inaccessible.

Precautionary steps to be followed

  • It is strongly recommended not to save any of new data on the hard drive which contains deleted partition because it may overwrite the partition which results in permanent loss of data
  • Do not install any of the partition recovery software on the drive containing deleted volume. Install the software on the secondary hard drive or on any other system and then connect the hard drive while executing the recovery process
  • Never defrag or format the drive as it can make the data loss situation even worse

Factors responsible for deletion of volume from hard drive are mentioned below

Human errors, accidental deletion of files or folders from hard drive, emptying Recycle/Trash folder, deletion of partition or volume accidentally, formatting the hard drive partition instead of formatting an external drive, reformatting the hard drive to upgrade the file system, etc

Virus intrusion, deletion of files and folder can take place due to harmful virus intrusion

Unreliable antivirus tool, files gets deleted when you use unreliable antivirus software to scan your hard drive

Deletion of files from hard drive volume due to the occurrence of errors in disk partitioning

Operating system reinstallation, while reinstalling the operating system, you may format or delete the partition which contains essential files by mistake.

When a file from the hard drive is deleted, any data of the deleted volume itself is not erased permanently from the disk. But only the index of the deleted volume is cleared. You can easily solve this problem and recover data from deleted volume by employing this deleted volume recovery software.

Why to prefer this undelete volume software

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