Recover Deleted Photos from HTC One X

htc-one-recoveryRecently you might have gone for a trip with your friends and captured all moments on your HTC One X phone as well as videos too. Later after coming back from the trip at the time of going through all those images you just delete some of them from your HTC phone. Is there any way so that you can anyhow undelete those images? There some ways are available which can recover deleted photos from your HTC One. But available all software are not trustworthy to execute your deleted picture recovery. Once you delete your images because of some unknown reason and you don’t even have back up of your captured then you have to ask for help to the Android picture recovery software.

As we all know that HTC is the most famous smartphone brand name and released its One series. These released HTC One series is quite famous for capturing best quality images as this device is capable to capture best images in bad conditions too. But in case when these captured images get deleted over your phone, you should immediately initiate for the process of deleted picture recovery procedure. In case when users keep their files stored on mobile phone memory card and they get deleted from phone in sudden or by mistake after sending ‘delete’ command, it never cause permanent picture deletion on the device. Some part of the memory card space will be denoted as vacant for newly captured images from where you already have deleted your image files.

In this regard your previous image files just become invisible. You need to appoint the recovery tool which can find out all these invisible images on the phone memory card and technically restore them. May be you are eager to know the reason for image file deletion from camera memory card that how does such difficulties arise. First and foremost reason is accidental deletion of images. Just in some friction of second, files stored on Android phones may get deleted because of virus attack. With the installation of third party software on phone causes image file loss over the HTC One X.

But chances are still there to restore deleted pictures from your phone with android photo recovery software. In this aspect Undelete Data Android software is recommended to the users. It restores all lost files from phone internal memory as well as external card memory. It enables you to recover all image files with any file extensions. While you will continue the recovery procedure you will realize that this is the easiest and fastest way of deleted picture recovery within very less time span.

Reference: How to Recover Deleted Photos from HTC One X.