Top Gadgets to Use in Your Office

If you are searching for gadget to take your office anywhere in 2016 and you want to stay connected around the clock then your search is over with the release of the new HP Spectre x2. There is finally a gadget in the market which offers excellent design without any limitation.

Size matters

The new hp-spectre-13-x2_left_detached-100251705-orig is the thinnest detachable laptop. It features a tablet first design that does not compromise on productivity. The Spectre x2 is very light whose weight is approx 0.83kg, with a 0.39kg keyboard for a super quality laptop experience. The Spectre x2 keyboard is described as a robust in the 2-in1 PC world. It is featuring the wider average touchpad.

Hitting every angle

The HP Spectre x2 features unique kickstand with the friction hinge that allows customers to select the perfect angle to get the usage pleasure. It will works pretty well for the video conferencing from a airport chair or checking your emails at the beach. The kickstand will let you recline full HD display at 150 degrees for drawing, while taking notes or watching movie. The HP Spectre x2 also comes up with a nifty Wacom Active Pen. It is used to experience as natural as pen to the paper.

More speed, more power

The HP Spectre x2 is a slimmest laptop which offers premium 2-in-1 Windows 10 experience. It also provides full PC Power tablet with high performance keyboard. The lightning fast SSD which has space up to 512GB will power up and opened applications in short time.

The Spectre x2 can’t disappoint up to 10 hours. It offers excellent battery life that is perfect for all those moments when you are on the go.

The hills are alive…

The HP Spectre x2 features audio by Bang & Olufsen. There are two speakers on keyboard and tablet is automatically synchronized when two are connected. It is perfect for blasting pre game bangers in the hotel room or for busting move.

Life’s better in 3D

We are trying to master the Instagram travel photo, and it has all the cameras to make sure magic happens. For full tablet experience, there is a 5 MP, front-facing camera and 8-MP rear-facing camera to shoot photos or videos. The HP Spectre x2 also comes up in an Intel RealSence Camera R200 in order to capture and enable 3D experiences.