Video Recovery from Android Phone

In this digital world, almost everything is possible with the Android OS. Android has changed the dimension of using Smartphone, you can have many Android applications that make life easier and also time-saving. Android cell phones and Tablets are manufactured by different brands like Sony, Samsung, HTC and others. They are more advanced than the Java counterpart as they can operate much similar to that of a computer. Hence you wish to store all your favorite videos files on this Android device. But like other devices, you can find many reasons for loss of videos from Android devices. Among those numerous scenarios, deletion of the video file is the most common one. Deleting a video means erasing it from specified storage space. Unlike Windows and Mac OS, all those deleted videos will not be moved to Recycle Bin or Mac Trash folder. When you remove some treasured videos of some special events from Android Smartphone, you feel awful. Have you ever dreamt of getting back your deleted videos from your Android? Wished to undelete videos from Android phone? Do not worry, with the help of this undelete Android software you can easily carry out video recovery on the Android phone within few minutes.

Some of the common causes for loss or deletion of videos from Android

  • If the SD card is infected with deadly viruses or files system structure of SD card is corrupted, it makes video files inaccessible stored on the Android Smartphone.
  • Deletion of videos accidentally while removing unwanted files from Android phones.
  • Selecting Restore option by mistake on the Android device erases the file including videos stored on it by restoring the phone to its initial factory settings.
  • If you format the Android Smartphone by mistake or after getting the format error, it deletes the videos stored on it.
  • Loss of videos from Android device due to the corruption of file system.
  • When you are browsing specific files in the particular folder if you execute Delete All command from Android phone then it leads to the deletion of all files including videos.
  • Unexpected freezing of Android device because of low battery or due to some logical errors while accessing files from it might remove video files.

More about Undelete Android Application

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