VLC Video Player App Launches on Apple TV

Recently VideoLAN launched VLC for Apple TV which is the world’s most used media player. Since there is no web interface on the device, a direct download connection is not available. First of all, you have to search for VLC in the app store on the TV.VLC-holiday-teaser-e1450798614774

Since Apple announced the future of television, after that VideoLAN started working on VLC for Apple which lets you to access all the files and video streams in the native formats which mean you do not have to convert content in order for it to play.apple-tv-app-store-hero

VLC Apple TV Playback

VLC for Apple TV can play, pause, and try to find all the file formats you are used with the VLC on all the platforms. You can browse, select and play content by the means of the clicker or the remote.

VLC developer Felix Paul Kühne explained to VentureBeat-“On Apple TV, users can only play content recorded by the means of mobile devices or media purchased from iTunes Store by default, i.e. H264/AAC and HTTP Live Streams (HLS).”vlc-apple-tv

VLC Apple TV Playback Speed

It also supports custom playback speed that the VideoLAN team has points out. As for subtitle support, VLC for Apple TV displays any type of text like SSA, WebVTT, srt, etc.

Content Discovery

VLC on the Apple TV automatically discovers storage space and shares on your local network by the means of the SMB, FTP, UPnP media server, PLEX protocols. You can browse them with the help of clicker or the Remote and then choose the content you want to play.

Remote Playback

VLC shows an address and an IP (Internet Protocol) on your Apple TV. First of all you have to open it using your web browser. Go down to a file to play it on the big screen, drop numerous files to queue them. Until storage hits its restrictions on the Apple TV, the files will stay available locally on device.

For playback of a network stream URL on the TV, just insert it to the field and push return. Once playback concludes, you will locate it in the Network Stream view for upcoming use. For files, you can also send numerous URLs rows in a row and they will be attached to the playback queue. Finally, the web interface can be used for play/pause and seeking.0x0ss-2

What is New in the Release of VLC?

  • Cloud login credentials are now shared across all devices
  • Support for iOS 6.1. VLC requires iOS 7.0
  • Added support for SMB file sharing
  • Added support for system-wide search “CoreSpotlight”, split-screen appearance in iOS 9, Touch ID to unlock app, option to configure playback continuation, configure gestures
  • Stored login information is now shared across all devices.