What are Restore Points and How to Create it?


A restore point is defined as a saved “snapshot” of system’s data at appropriate time. Restore points are part of the Windows System Restore utility. With the help of restore point, user can store the state of the operating system and his/her own data so that suppose, in future any cause a problem, you can recover previous state of system and data as same as before the changes were made. As per your need you can generate multiple restore point in your Windows operating system.

Sometimes, when your computer is not working properly then you can make use of System Restore Point that helps to regain your PC back to previous state where it works totally fine without any problem. A restore point can be generated manually or automatically, depending up on your preference. Most of the time Windows operating system makes a restore point automatically when you install OS for the first time on your PC/laptop.

How to create restore point manually?

Step 1: First, click on “Start” icon (on bottom left corner) and then select “Control Panel” under that type “System Restore” in the search box of Control Panel.

Step 2: Then you can view the link to create a restore point and as soon as you see the link just click on it. After you can come across a new pop-up window known as “System Properties”. Under this system properties, click on “System Protection” tab.

Step 3: In the next step you can possible to check the list of drives/volumes in hard drive and select the appropriate volume to make a system restore point.

Step 4: Finally, you can see two buttons (that is Configure, Create). With the help of “Configure” button you can keep the disk space and also delete previous created restore points whereas by utilizing “Create” button you can make or create a new system restore point for the drive you have selected. Thus, type a description as you need for the restore point and then click on “Create” button to generate restore point in your Windows machines and then click “Ok.

Note: Read on in order to learn more concept about system restore point on Windows operating system.